Morgan Judy

Morgan Judy Child Seduction Case

Morgan Judy, a 23-year-old cheer coach at Linton-Stockton High School in Indiana, was arrested and charged with child seduction on June 15, 2018.

Morgan Judy
Morgan Judy


Judy allegedly invited a student to a party and kissed him. She has also been accused of having sex with him.

The incident reportedly occurred at a party in May 2018.


Judy has been charged with Level 5 felony child seduction and Level 6 felony child seduction.


According to a police report, Judy initially denied the allegation when they interviewed her.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed by Indiana State Police Detective Brad Stille, “Later, Morgan was confronted about (student) admitting to kissing, Morgan replied that she didn’t remember due to the alcohol, but would have remembered if she and (student) had sex. Morgan said she probably did invite (student) to the party.”


After a warrant was executed, text messages between Judy and the student were found. She allegedly told him to lie and say that hickies on his body were not from her.

She deleted Twitter DMs from the student and told him to remove messages on his phone from her.


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